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Getting employees to take initiative

Unless you are an extreme micro-manager, you want the employees you manage to be resourceful and not come to you with every little question. You want them to be motivated to resolve problems on their own. When it comes to employees taking initiative, ask yourself these questions: • When a situation blows up, do your […]

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Loyalty programs are a thing of the past, it is time to become a concierge for your clients.

The great sales and business trainer, Jeffery Gitomer said it best, “What would you do if your 2 best clients left you”? “How are you going to keep them loyal”?  How many of you have a punch card for your favorite coffee house where you buy 10 and you get the 11th drink free? How […]

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How to Set the Right Expectations and Lead the Charge

Setting expectations is important in nearly every area of life. In business, executive management needs to set a clear and understandable expectation to the sales manager. The sales manager then communicates the expectation to the sales team, and the sales team communicates their expectation to the customer. It’s the sales team’s responsibility to do everything […]

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