The “Why” behind our business

One of my favorite authors is Simon Sinek whose book “Start with Why” is sort of my “business bible”. I always like to know what the “Why” is of what someone does and of course, it’s important that I am clear on my own “why”. I bring this up because we are often asked why we started Your Remote COO. While that is a great question, we didn’t have a completely defined answer until this week.

When we stared Your Remote COO, it was a way to make money to live our life. Having made a very good living in the past was nice. We could purchase things and go places without thinking about the ramifications like if we should lose our jobs. That wasn’t what happened, we quit our high paying jobs.

Just this week, our collaborative partner, Mike Roberts, gave us a referral to a company called Stardust Building Supply, a non-profit organization. Mike told us the story of how they started and what they do.  He also told us that we needed to go and check out their location which is not too far from our home, so we did. We were completely blown away by what we saw in Mesa.  Stardust has 3 locations here in the Phoenix area. As we were walking around, I stopped to talk to one of the employees there.  He spoke to me with passion about what he does in his job and how the company helps others.

After touring around this business, Loree and I thought about our own business and why we started Your Remote COO. We started it to fulfill a personal passion to help other businesses realize their full potential. We feel that businesses are not made up of products and services. Businesses are made up of people who have lives, spouses, significant others, families, dreams and goals. Our job is to help the business owners or CEOs engage with the people in their employ to help service other people.

Now that our vision of our why is solidified, we know what verticals that we want to help further. One of those will be non-profit organizations. We feel very strongly about helping those who are helping others.

Philanthropy is very near and dear to my heart. At the last company I worked for, who is now our client, Infratactix, I held a seat on the March of Dimes of Wisconsin Executive Leadership Team. Last year we conducted a winter coat drive where we collected over 300 coats which were donated to Middleton Outreach Ministry.  We also held a Thanksgiving Dinner feast for the Middleton, WI VFW post veterans, and yesterday the second annual Vets Thanksgiving dinner took place.

While non-profit companies are a vertical that we are looking to serve, we will still work with other businesses who need and want the help we can offer them. When we look for a company to work with, the last thing we want to talk about is the price. We believe that if we can show someone the benefit to work with us, they will find a way to afford the service. That being said, starting today until Dec 15, 2017 if your business engages with Your Remote COO, we will discount our monthly rate by 25%. By offering this discount we feel that it makes it a little easier for us to give back to you, the business owner. By signing on with us, our team will prove to you that we are a benefit to your business by helping you see the return on the investment, increased staff productivity, and an increase in profits.

Allowing us to help you starts with scheduling a Free 60-minute consultation. In this consultation, we will discuss your business so we can better understand where you would like it to go.  What is your why? How can you serve your business, staff, clients and community better? Let’s talk about it and get you on the road to profitability through operational efficiently.

All the best in success,


Stuart Selbst is the Founder and Managing Partner of Your Remote COO. He is a business leader with a passion for helping others succeed. Throughout his career, he has worked to find more effective ways to organize processes while getting projects completed and keeping costs and budget in check. While mastering the skills of operational efficiency over the years, Stuart has been able to help hundreds of businesses around the globe grow consistently and profitably.