Loyalty programs are a thing of the past, it is time to become a concierge for your clients.

The great sales and business trainer, Jeffery Gitomer said it best, “What would you do if your 2 best clients left you”? “How are you going to keep them loyal”? 

How many of you have a punch card for your favorite coffee house where you buy 10 and you get the 11th drink free? How many times do you forget that punch card and now have 2, 3, 4 or more of them with a couple punches here and there? I know I do. Those loyalty programs, in my opinion, are just a scam and an old style of marketing.  

So how do you get your clients to be loyal and buy more from you? How about investing in them? That’s right, invest time in them and build a stable relationship. Become their concierge! 

Last week I met with a friend and business owner, Karin Crawford of God’s Garden Treasures. We had scheduled 45 minutes but, we talked for almost 3 hours! Karin wanted to learn more about Your Remote COO, what we do and how we do things.  During the conversation, she shared her business struggles with staff and with getting more business. And yes, I did give her my input when she asked for it. 

Now let me set this up for you, God’s Garden Treasures seemed initially to me to be just a florist. I thought, when do we typically buy flowers? Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Wife’s Birthday, Anniversary, Funerals and maybe a get well soon arrangement. Basically, only about 5 or 6 times a year and, if you are anything like me, you go to the local grocery store and pick up an arrangement wrapped in cellophane and hand it over with the price tag still on it. Not very romantic or thoughtful and probably not very cost effective for a return on the investment.  

During my conversation with Karin about her business, she told me of the corporate executives, chefs, interior designers and caterers that she works with. She explained that corporate executives are some of her most loyal clients but their struggle is that they are so busy that they or their assistants have to call last minute to place an order. To provide a better buying experience for her business executive clients, Karin came up with her “Corporate Floral Concierge Program”.   

As she explained this program to me, I saw it as a managed service for flowers. You pay a “retainer” and now you have an account manager working with you to make sure your flowers and gifts go out on time to the right person without having to worry. This is a brilliant program! The client is going to spend money on those flowers anyway and, as an added bonus, they get a great customer service experience as well.  Plus, the quality of Gods Garden Treasure’s product is absolutely amazing. This service can not only be used for personal gift giving but for business gifts, corporate events and for their own weekly office arrangements. 

Loree was supposed to attend this meeting with Karin. But, as I explained to Karin, she was under the weather and unable to join us. As I left, Karin’s staff made a lovely arrangement for me to give to Loree when I got home. The arrangement of flowers was beautiful and made me feel happy. But when I arrived home with the flowers, the look on her face was priceless. I realized then that the return on investment is not financial, it comes from the joy the recipient gets knowing you took the time to do something special just for them, which in turn brings you joy as well.   

As I close out this post, I want to remind you that we are all in the business of customer service. The customer has choices of where to buy the services or product that you offer. Let’s all take a tip from Karin and God’s Garden Treasures and become our client’s concierge.  

At Your Remote COO, we work each day to be the operational concierge to businesses. If you are a Business Owner or CEO who feels like you are going a million miles an hour with your hair on fire, your business is running you and your staff is only there to take a paycheck, schedule a free consultation with us today. Let us be your operational concierge and you be the visionary of your business.  

All the best for success, 


Stuart Selbst is the Founder and Managing Partner of Your Remote COO. He is a business leader with a passion for helping others succeed. Throughout his career, he has worked to find more effective ways to organize processes while getting projects completed and keeping costs and budget in check. While mastering the skills of operational efficiency over the years, Stuart has been able to help hundreds of businesses around the globe grow consistently and profitably.